Thursday, February 16, 2012

Updated Pace Race

Victoria and Prince George were both in action Wednesday night and the results will alter the "Pace for the Playoffs" standings. Prince George picked up two points with their win at home over Red Deer while Victoria was losing at home to Calgary.

So here is the race for the final two playoff spots in the Western Conference going into weekend play. The number immediately after each team represents the number of points they will finish the season with at their current pace. The number in parenthesis is the amount of games left on their respective schedules.

7. Seattle 54.00 (16)
8. Victoria 50.52 (15)
9. Everett 50.14 (16)
10. Prince George 49.7 (17)

Prince George's win over Red Deer put them on the heels of both Everett and Victoria. The Cougars win was also important because it was a game they had in hand on both Seattle and Everett. PG still has one game in hand on both those teams as well as two games in hand on the Victoria Royals. The Royals took a blow with their loss to Calgary because they have the fewest games remaining on their schedule.

All four teams are in action Friday as Seattle hosts Tri-City, Everett hosts Portland and Prince George and Victoria face each other on Vancouver Island.

Saturday The Cougars and Royals meet again in Victoria while the T-birds travel to Portland and Everett hosts Vancouver. Seattle is the only one of the four teams in action Sunday as they host the Spokane Chiefs. If the T-birds want to maintain their current pace and their four point cushion, they need to find a way to earn three points this weekend.

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