Friday, February 24, 2012

ShoWare Showdown

Heading into Saturday's big home game with rival Everett, the T-birds have fallen back to 8th place in the Western Conference playoff hunt. Actually, considering the T-birds haven't played since Sunday while the three teams they are battling for one of those last two playoff spots each played twice, that's not totally unexpected.

In reality the only real change was Victoria moving two points ahead of Seattle after they defeated Prince George Friday night. But, since Seattle didn't play and the Royals played twice, the 'Birds now have two games in hand on Victoria.

So, here are the updated Pace to the Playoffs standings as of Friday night:

7. Victoria on pace for 51.93 pts (11 games left)
8. Seattle on pace for 51.25 pts (13 games left)
9. Everett on pace for 50.03 pts (13 games left)
10. Prince George on pace for 48 pts (12 game left)

The T-birds will face the Silvertips Saturday without Cason Machacek who has one game left to serve on a two-game suspension, and Tyler Alos who is out with an upper body injury.

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