Sunday, March 4, 2012

Losing Control

Well, the two losses this weekend, in concert with wins by Everett and Victoria, means the T-birds have lost some control of their own destiny. Now, if Seattle were to win out and go 8-0 down the stretch, they'd probably make the playoffs but the odds of that happening are not great, so Seattle will need to help themselves and then probably get help to get in.

They can start with winning two games this week up in Prince George. That is easier said then done. The Cougars just showed, by splitting at home with Spokane, that taking two on their ice won't be easy. That said, the T-birds actually have a four game winning streak at the CN Centre dating back to the 09-10 season. We may now look back on the two games these two teams played against each other earlier this season as keys to Seattle's failure if they miss the postseason. Seattle dropped a pair of games at home to the Cougars, losing 3-2 in a shootout November 25th and then being shutout, 1-0, on December 9th. Three big points left on the home ice at a time the team was actually playing some good hockey.

How quickly things can turn. Seattle got the big home ice shutout win over Everett back on February 25th, playing one of their most complete games of the season. But now they've dropped four in a row and in the span of a week they've gone from a three point lead for the 8th and final playoff spot in the Western Conference, to being three points out.

The injury bug and suspensions hit the team at precisely the wrong time as the 'Birds have played these recent games without Tyler Alos, Chance Lund and Cason Machacek. Branden Troock missed two games as well.

Meanwhile the T-birds offense has become even more of a struggle, being shutout twice in their last six games, registering just a single goal in two others. Twice they scored three times but one of those was still a loss. Eight goals in their last six games just won't cut it, especially while surrendering 22.

Everything from here on out will have a desperation, do-or-die feel to it....or at least it should.

Here is the updated Pace to the Playoffs standings going into play this week:

7. Victoria on pace for 53.16 pts (7games left)
8. Everett on pace for 52.06 pts (7 games left)
9. Seattle on pace for 49.5 pts (8 games left)
10. Prince George on pace for 46.52 pts (7 games left)

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