Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

What's the old line? If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all? Something along those lines. Well, following that rule I won't be penning much about the T-birds 7-1 loss Saturday night in Portland.
I will say I liked the way Justin Hickman responded to Steve Konowalchuk's "pep talk" at the bench after Portland had gone up by three goals. Hickman actually came out with a little fire in his belly on his next shift. Too bad it didn't wake the rest of the team up.

Konowalchuk is quoted as saying his team showed Portland too much respect and I'd agree with that assessment. At times it seems like they were standing around watching the game rather than participating.
And while Calvin Pickard didn't have his best game, he was good enough. He shouldn't have to bring his A++++++ game every night in order for this team to win. His teammates need to remember that they need to bring their A game each time out as well.
Linesman Ryan Gibbons, the former T-bird player, had too be cringing inside to see his old team lose the way they did. Gibby did a very nice job. He has big feet though and I do remember on one occasion where his big boot got in the way of a puck. Other than that he looks to be a solid addition to the WHL officiating stable.

Okay, I've seen it all now...a wedding ceremony on the ice AFTER the game started. The couple was united at center ice while the Teddy Bears from the teddy bear toss were being collected off the ice.

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