Friday, December 9, 2011

Cougin' It

The up and down, hot and cold streaky team that is the Seattle Thunderbirds are down and cold again. The offense that seemed to be coming around has disappeared once more. The effort Friday against Prince George was okay. The problem is that a just okay effort isn't going to win you a lot of games. you need a very good effort every night in this league if you want to win.
For the second home game this season against the Cougars the T-birds let the opponent dictate the flow of the game. The result was predictable; a Prince George win, the same result as two weeks ago.
Seattle needs to find a way to get more shots on goal. Too many of their shots were blocked again. They need to improve their passing through the neutral zone and do a better job of puck possession once in the side the opposing team's blue line. Also, adopt a shoot first ask questions later attitude. And when they get a shot, please put the puck on net!
Good to have Colin Jacobs back in the lineup. He didn't look rusty after missing the first two and a half months of the season. I also liked what I saw from Connor Honey in his first game as a T-bird. He brings an aggressive offensive game to the table. Most importantly, he was not afraid to shoot the puck. The T-birds now have three 17 year old forwards on the roster (Hickman, Honey and Troock) who should be able to score at this level. With their young defensemen (Hauf and Theodore) they have something to build around, but if they want to find success this season they'll need more from a group of players struggling to score right now. Guys like Lockhart, Alos and Sanvido are struggling in that department. They all need to find away to fight out of their personal slumps.
All that said, I'm impressed with this young Prince George team. They battle for every puck and they work hard every shift. They earned this win and I have a feeling in the next season or two they'll be earning a lot of wins

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