Monday, December 3, 2012

Tyler Alos Retires

The news we knew was coming was made official today; Tyler Alos has retired from playing competitive hockey. Doctors advised Alos, who has suffered multiple concussion over the past two seasons, against returning to the ice following his latest. Ironically, I believe this last one was suffered in a game against the Chiefs in his hometown of Spokane.

Alos had tried to return but was never cleared. As you may know players returning from a concussion have to pass a series of tests before they are cleared to resume playing. I don't know whether he passed those base line tests but the advice from the medical people was that it was in his best interest not to continue with his career as a player.

The good news is that Alos will remain with the Thunderbirds at least through the remainder of this season (and hoepfully beyond) as part of the coaching staff. Alos has been a geat ambassador for the Thunderbirds in the Kent community since joining the team as a 16 year old. This past summer he participated in the Kent Relay for Life to raise money and awareness for cancer, and to, in part, support longtime Thunderbirds broadcaster Bruce McDonald who passed away after a short battle with leukimia this past June.

Additionally he will start to utilize his WHL scholarship money by taking some college class work. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get him up in the broadcast booth to provide some expert analysis on T-birds broadcasts.

Alos finishes his career with 19g and 37a in 201 games, all with Seattle.

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