Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nothing Special

The inability to score on a five minute power play early in the third period Wednesday in Everett just shed more light on the biggest issue the T-birds are having this season. There special teams have been anything but that this season. The T-birds lost by three goals and the difference was all in the special teams play of the two teams. Everett scored two power play goals and then added the shorthanded goal on that five minute power play the T-birds had. That was the game in a nutshell.

Head coach Steve Konowalchuk talked before the game about getting back to that energy level the team had the first three games after Christmas. He didn't think they had that same energy in the New Year's Eve loss down in Porltand and he wanted his players to get back on the horse. Unfortunately, very few did.

There are times you want to send this team collectively to see a shrink. Their Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality is confounding. It's as if they have a split personality and have trouble controlling the two. One game, as in the 2-0 win over Moose Jaw December 30th, they look they can skate with any team in the league. Then they have a game like they did Wednesday against Everett where they can be outplayed by a team with only six wins.

I'll give credit to opposing teams when they beat the T-birds. Everett was hungrier or more passionate up at Comcast Arena and they go the result they deserved. But when I watch the T-birds play sometimes I am reminded of the cartoon character Pogo who once famously stated, "We have met the enemy and he is us".

Too many times this team beat itself or, maybe it's more of a case where they don't give themselves a chance to win.

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