Sunday, November 27, 2011

What the Blazes?

The conistently inconsistent tendencies of the T-birds will drive you mad if you let them. A three game winning streak in which they looked like they could beat all comers is followed by a two game losing skid that brought bad habits back to the surface.
First, I think they didn't show up with any energy or sense of urgency in the shootout loss Friday at home to Prince George. And credit the Cougars because they did bring a sense of urgency to their game. Still, Seattle did create enough chances to win but goalie Drew Owsley stood tall for PG.
By the way, should it really take 5-7 minutes to review a goal? That was an excruciatingly long wait on that waved off Cougar goal in the second period Friday.

Saturday in Kamloops there were a number of factors. One, a long overnight bus ride. I don't know how that doesn't zap some of your energy or throw your biological clock off. Sure I'm older then the players but I was dragging all day so I know it has to affect the players. No excuse though because every team deals with those situations on their schedule. It is how you prepare yourself in those situations that makes the difference between winning and losing.

Second, the injury situation to Branden Troock had to weigh on his teammates. How could it not? You see your teammate lying on the ice for 10-12 minutes not knowing his condition. It affects you. Still, it is your job to get refocused. The T-birds never did.
Speaking of the Troock injury let's give T-birds athletic therapist Phil Varney a big round of applause. I think we take the team trainers for granted. Years ago it was just some guy (usually an equipment manager) handing out ice packs and rolling up ace bandages or taping ankles. But now we get trained professionals with medical backgrounds. These guys have to be certified before they get the job. Some have advanced degrees. Phil, with assistance from the Kamloops staff, treated Troock the right way on the ice to mitigate further injury.

I continue to be impressed by defenseman Shea Theodore. I think we need to check the birth certificate. Is he really just 16? He's still learning how to be a better defensive zone d-man but he takes giant steps in the right direction every game. Please, someone tell me the criteria to make the roster for the U-17 tournament because I want to know why Theodore was passed over for Team Pacific.

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